Timex Timex TW2V62000ZV Marlin Automatic Leather Watch


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Not Just a Watch, but a Narrative: Embrace the Legacy with Automatic Calibre, Subtly Luminous Hands, and an Elegant Leather Strap that Whispers of Sartorial Sophistication.

About The Product

A Tick Above the Rest: The Marlin Sub-Dial Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch

The Palpable Presence of Tradition

Acknowledging the relentless march of time, Timex’s Marlin Sub-Dial Automatic TW2V62000ZV pays tribute to the fascinating history of horology. Its design is deeply rooted in the mid-century aesthetic, yet fluidly translates into a contemporary context. Here, the past is not a mere point in time; it’s a living testament encapsulated in a carefully crafted 39mm case diameter, a tangible tribute to the alluring era of mechanical timepieces.

Automatic Calibre: Echoing the Rhythms of Life

This refined timekeeper harmonizes with the human body’s natural rhythms, powered by the very pulse of life coursing through your veins. Its automatic calibre is, in essence, a dance between precision engineering and organic energy. No batteries, no artificial power source, just an intricate interplay of gears and springs, wound by the subtle motion of your wrist, like a symphony orchestrated by life itself.

An Artistic Display of Timekeeping

Aesthetically, the TW2V62000ZV impresses with an almost ethereal elegance. Beneath a domed acrylic crystal, the silver-tone dial and its sub-dial present time in a refreshing and subtle symphony of symmetry. The watch doesn’t merely keep time; it transforms it into a form of performance art. A slim line of luminescent material around the hands adds an ethereal glow, like moonlight breaking through the clouds, ensuring optimal legibility even in twilight’s half-light.

Bound by Legacy: Leather Strap

Capping off this offering from Timex is the supple black leather strap that feels as good as it looks. It’s the kind of accessory that whispers of sartorial sophistication rather than shouting for attention. Wearing this strap is a gentle reminder of a time when craftsmanship was king, where every stitch mattered, every detail held meaning.

From the Ocean’s Abyss to the Cosmos

Known colloquially as “The Marlin,” this piece swims effortlessly through diverse environments. Whether in the solemn silence of an opera or in the frenetic energy of a city street, this watch has the adaptability of its namesake ocean dweller, coupled with an astronaut’s heart – keeping precise time in all the gravities of life. It’s proof that a timepiece can be just as much about an idea, a spirit, an ethos, as it is about telling time.

Unapologetically Authentic, Irresistibly Attractive

We don’t deal in fleeting fads. Nor do we engage in the trivial pursuit of puffery. We believe in the longevity of the Marlin’s legacy. To own a Marlin is to tether oneself to a lineage of precision, craftsmanship, and style. It is an act of participating in an enduring narrative, a story that’s timeless.

Your Next Chapter Awaits…

If you find the subtle siren song of the Marlin TW2V62000ZV luring you into its captivating tale, consider this your moment. In the ocean of time, let this be your Marlin, your trusty companion to navigate life’s diverse currents and discover uncharted depths. Because life isn’t merely about having the time, but making it count.


  • UPC: 194366253252
  • case color: Silver
  • case material: Stainless Steel
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Silver
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog
  • case size (width): 39mm
  • strap material: Leather
  • strap color: Brown
  • water resistance: 50m / 5atm (bar)

The Brand

Established in 1854, Timex is one of the largest watch producers known for their early innovations that made mechanical and quartz watches usable, accessible, and durable – giving them the reputation as the people’s watchmaker.  The company has a rich archive of timepieces that have inspired generations of watch design and engineering.


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