We’re proud to say we are a family owned business and we are an Authorized Retailer for all the brands we carry. All watches sold are 100% authentic and come direct from the manufacturer. All watches are brand new, unworn and come in the original manufacturer packaging. Our watches come with full manufacturer warranties that are honored internationally. Very few online retailers can say this!

You can shop with 100% confidence at REVWATCHES.COM

Price Matching? Authorized vs. Unauthorized “Grey Market” Dealer

Yes, we do price match with other Authorized Retailers! Please email us with the Authorized Retailer’s direct link. If you are unsure if they’re authorized, we would be happy to determine this by contacting our representative at the manufacturer. 

Many watches online are being sold by unauthorized dealers. These dealers could be selling used, old, defective or factory refurbished watches which do not come with a warranty that will be honored by the manufacturer. These dealers cannot guarantee authenticity so the watches can be sold at any price the individual seller decides to set.

Unauthorized retailers do not have the same manufacturer resources and knowledge about the products they are selling as an Authorized Retailer. Because unauthorized dealers cannot offer a legitimate manufacturer’s warranty, they will usually offer their own warranty. We suggest steering clear from these companies that offer their “own” warranty, as they do not have access to the appropriate spare parts which may be needed. They also may not know how to service your watch correctly which could result in more damage to your watch or just a complete loss. Their “guarantees” are misleading. Please keep in mind if the dealer happens to go out of business, the warranty they have offered/created will no longer be valid and you have no warranty on your watch at all.

Manufacturers will not honor the manufacturer’s warranty unless the product was purchased through an AuthorizedRetailer. In many cases the manufacturer will require the original purchase receipt and/or the warranty card to be stamped by the dealer which we would be happy to provide should any warranty issues arise.

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