Luminox Luminox XS.0325.GP Leatherback Sea Turtle Gold Dial Watch


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Elevate your wrist game with a dazzling gold dial that’s as resilient as it is radiant, promising luminous brilliance under any horizon for a jaw-dropping 25 years.

About The Product

Luminox XS.0325.GP Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Outdoor Watch: Unveiling Time’s Unbounded Majesty

When Elegance Embraces Endurance

Gentlemen and ladies of refined taste, allow us to present an emblem of timekeeping mastery that beckons with an allure of understated opulence. The Luminox XS.0325.GP Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Outdoor Watch graces your wrist not as a mere accessory, but as an embodiment of precision and robust sophistication. Its moniker, “Leatherback Sea Turtle,” hints at both the watch’s formidable resilience and its aquatic origins, reflecting a harmony between land and sea that’s mirrored in its design.

Forged in Gold, Engineered in Excellence

Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, the XS.0325.GP flaunts a golden charm that eschews ostentation in favor of subtle extravagance. The timepiece’s robust stainless steel case, cloaked in a layer of regal gold PVD coating, not only elevates aesthetics but also promises a safeguard against the relentless march of time itself. Its luminescent dial, akin to the moonlit waves, is a testament to Luminox’s unrivaled commitment to legibility, ensuring that every moment is captured with the clarity it deserves.

Submersible Mastery, A Captain of the Depths

As its name suggests, this timepiece pays homage to the resilient sea creature known for venturing to great depths. Similarly, the Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Outdoor Watch exhibits a water resistance of up to 100 meters, unflinchingly inviting you to explore life’s depths without reservation. Whether it’s the spirited plunge into the ocean’s embrace or a riveting dip in the pool, this watch emerges as your steadfast companion, undeterred by the elements that mere mortal watches fear.

Movement: Precision Unleashed

The heart that beats within the XS.0325.GP is none other than Luminox’s precision-engineered movement, a testament to horological expertise that merges style with substance. Each second that gracefully sweeps by is a celebration of its caliber’s unyielding dedication to accuracy, a feat that resonates harmoniously with the rhythm of your life.

Commanding Presence, Comfortable Dominion

Measured in millimeters, the case size diameter embodies the watch’s commanding presence, making its intentions known without ostentation. Yet, don’t be fooled by its formidable stance; the XS.0325.GP embraces your wrist with an ergonomic grace that bridges the gap between robustness and comfort. Its supple leather strap wraps around you like a second skin, inviting the world to marvel at its imposing exterior while only you know the privilege of its snug embrace.

Unveil Your Timeless Tale

In a world where time is both boundless and fleeting, the Luminox XS.0325.GP Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Outdoor Watch stands as an emblem of your unyielding commitment to mastering the chapters of your life. Its golden aura, steadfast resilience, and precision movement come together in an orchestration of timeless elegance, beckoning you to embrace every moment with unwavering confidence.


  • UPC: 7611382637741
  • case color: Black
  • case material: Carbon
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Gold
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog
  • case size (width): 44mm
  • strap material: Carbon
  • strap color: Black
  • water resistance: 100m / 10atm (bar)

The Brand

Founded 1989, Luminox watches are Swiss Made and feature a unique self-powered illumination system that uses tritium gas tubes that allow it to glow continuously for up to 25 years. Luminox’s use of carbon in their iconic watches make them incredibly durable and lightweight. In 2016, Luminox became an official partner of the Navy SEALS and is now extensively used by Special Forces and law enforcement.


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