Timex Timex TW2U61100ZV Q Timex Reissue Stainless Steel Watch


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Bracelet Embraced Timekeeping: 38mm of Stainless Splendor, Day/Date Charm, and Luminescent Ticks that Dance in the Dark.

About The Product

Introducing the Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Dare we say that a watch could embody the spirit of the ’70s while embodying the charm of the 21st century? Enter the TW2U61100ZV, or, as we prefer to affectionately call it, the “”Q Timex Reissue.””

Design: A Nod to the Past, A Salute to the Present

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to momentarily transport you to the retro era with this watch’s styling. A casual glance will reveal the brushed 38mm stainless steel case – substantial, yet with an elegance that whispers rather than shouts. It’s the sort of size that plays nicely with any wrist, achieving that optimal balance between presence and comfort. The remarkable design aesthetic integrates seamlessly with modern wardrobes, confirming that sometimes, the best way to move forward is to take a page from the past.

The Iconic Bracelet: Meticulously Crafted, Dazzlingly Beautiful

Akin to a stainless steel symphony for your wrist, the TW2U61100ZV’s bracelet is more than just a mere strap. Crafted with meticulous precision, each link interlocks in perfect harmony, testament to Timex’s commitment to quality. The deployment clasp, bearing the iconic “”Q”” logo, ensures an effortless yet secure embrace with your wrist. It’s not just a bracelet – it’s an ode to the art of watchmaking.

The Heart of the Watch: A Timeless Tale of Precision

Like an orchestra performing a symphony, the internals of this Q Timex Reissue play their tune in flawless harmony. It houses a quartz movement, a nod to its 1970s origins. With precision that could rival a Swiss timepiece, this movement ensures that time is always on your side. It’s not just a mechanism, it’s a commitment to precision, reliability, and craftsmanship.

Additional Features: Paying Attention to the Details

As always, the devil is in the details. This reissue features a day/date window, an indisputable practicality that adds to the charm. With the rotating bidirectional bezel and its nostalgic Pepsi color scheme, time tracking becomes a tactile pleasure. And should you be the type who occasionally seeks adventure after sundown, the luminescent hour markers and hands offer optimal visibility, giving your timepiece life even in the dark.

The Q Timex Reissue Experience: Step into the Story

Every Q Timex Reissue is a narrative that awaits your participation. It tells a tale of an era gone by, a legacy of craftsmanship, and a commitment to design and precision. It invites you to not just wear a watch, but to live the Timex story. It’s not just about keeping time, it’s about living it.

Step into the story. Experience the difference. Dare to be part of the legacy. This isn’t a mere invite, it’s an irresistible summons to join a select group of enthusiasts who not only appreciate the fine art of watchmaking but also live the tale that every Q Timex Reissue tells. Strap the TW2U61100ZV onto your wrist and let the Q Timex legacy become a part of your everyday. After all, isn’t it time to start your own legacy?


  • UPC: 194366093193
  • case color: Silver
  • case material: Stainless Steel
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Blue
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog
  • case size (width): 38mm
  • strap material: Stainless Steel
  • strap color: Silver
  • water resistance: 50m / 5atm (bar)

The Brand

Established in 1854, Timex is one of the largest watch producers known for their early innovations that made mechanical and quartz watches usable, accessible, and durable – giving them the reputation as the people’s watchmaker.  The company has a rich archive of timepieces that have inspired generations of watch design and engineering.


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