Seiko Seiko 5 Sports SRPG29 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch


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Luminous in its Loyalty – An unrivaled symphony of luminescent hands and markers wrapped in a steadfast stainless steel bracelet, ensuring that time remains at your beck and call.

About The Product

An Exposition on Elegance: The Seiko SRPG29

Let’s embark on an intriguing journey into the realm of sophisticated design and impeccable functionality. Navigate through the vast landscape of timekeeping elegance with the Seiko SRPG29, a timepiece that offers a compelling story, effortlessly intertwining sophistication and utility.

A Symphony in Stainless Steel: The Design

Our dear friend, SRPG29, is not one for ostentatious displays. Clad in an alluring 39.4mm stainless steel case, the watch is a harmonious blend of subtlety and chic. And oh, the crown at 4 o’clock? Quite the nonconformist touch. With a splash of quirk, it truly encapsulates the maverick essence of the Seiko design ethos.

The silhouetted hour markers stand in sharp contrast against the sunray silver dial, a design element as pleasing to the eye as a well-composed symphony. Guided by the power of luminescent hands and markers, SRPG29 is a reliable partner, offering unwavering accuracy, even when daylight has bid its adieu.

Ingeniously Intricate: The Mechanism

Inside this stainless steel marvel beats the heart of Caliber 4R36. A veteran in its own right, this automatic movement is famed for its trustworthiness. Yes, my friends, the SRPG29 doesn? just keep time; it does so with a smooth precision that could make a Swiss watchmaker blush. And with a 41-hour power reserve, your watch is less likely to stop ticking before you do.

Beyond the Looking Glass: The Crystal

One look into the Hardlex crystal and you’ll find yourself drawn into a world where design finesse meets mechanical dexterity. The crystal, both sturdy and clear, is the perfect gateway to this horological spectacle, resilient against the trials of time and an ideal choice for those leading an active lifestyle.

Delving into the Depths: The Water Resistance

This Seiko delight doesn’t shy away from a little water adventure. With a water resistance of up to 100m, this is a watch that can follow you on most of your aquatic escapades. Whether it? a pool party or a casual snorkeling session, SRPG29 is game.

The Strapping Story: The Bracelet

The SRPG29 sports a stainless steel bracelet, serving as a durable and fashionable companion for your wrist. With a three-fold clasp and secure lock, and a push-button release, the watch embraces your wrist with the confidence of a seasoned salsa dancer stable, yet effortlessly stylish.

Embrace the SRPG29 Experience

If the taste of your timepiece tends towards a symphony of craftsmanship and reliability, allow us to present the Seiko SRPG29. This is more than just a watch; it’s an artistic testament to Seiko’s commitment to elegance, durability, and performance. And it is ready to create timeless tales with you. We invite you to take the reins of time and experience the unadulterated joy of owning a piece of Seiko? legacy. Journey into the realm of remarkable horology today, the SRPG29 awaits.


  • UPC: 029665208873
  • case color: Silver
  • case material: Stainless Steel
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Blue
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog
  • case size (width): 39.4mm
  • strap material: Stainless Steel
  • strap color: Silver
  • water resistance: 100m / 10atm (bar)

The Brand

Seiko, one of Japan’s most innovative and fully integrated watchmakers, boasts a heritage that goes back over 140 years. It is known for creating many watchmaking milestones: the world’s first quartz watch, Japan’s first dive watch, and also Japan’s first chronograph timepiece. Today, Seiko watches have long been the gold standard for watchmaking precision, excellent craftsmanship, and perfect durability. Its line-up includes the Seiko 5, Credor, Prospex, Presage, Velatura, and the Grand Seiko series.


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