Citizen Citizen BN0196-01L Promaster Dive Eco-Drive Watch


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Taming Time Underwater: A Marvel of Eco-Drive Technology, Steel Fortitude and Unmatched Water Resistance.

About The Product

The Watch That Dives Deeper: Introducing the Citizen Promaster Dive BN0196-01L

Constructed with an unwavering commitment to performance and durability, the immensely capable Citizen Promaster Dive BN0196-01L watch provides everything a modern adventurer needs. Independently reliable, it’s ready to join you from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest ravines of the ocean floor.

Design at its Peak: Aesthetics of the BN0196-01L

Setting a new bar in design, our timepiece exudes a captivating charm. The two-tone stainless steel case and unidirectional dark blue dial are a stunning display of delicated craftsmanship. The black polyurethane strap finishes the look with a robust yet comfortable touch. However, the true magic of this watch lies beyond its enticing aesthetics. Its luminous hands and markers retain visibility even in the most challenging conditions, ensuring that you never lose track of time.

Powered by Light: Embracing Citizen’s Eco-Drive Technology

The BN0196-01L is not just a watch, it’s a statement of our commitment to the environment. Equipped with the acclaimed Eco-Drive technology, it harnesses the power of any light source, transforming it into energy. This means you never have to worry about battery replacements: a simple stroll in the park or a day at the office generates more than enough energy to keep this watch ticking.

A Robust Companion: Unfathomable Durability

Constructed from stainless steel, the BN0196-01L demonstrates remarkable strength and longevity. Its mineral crystal glass is impact and shatter-resistant, while the buckle clasp securely fastens the watch to your wrist. With a water resistance of up to 200 meters, this watch is ISO compliant and prepared for scuba diving.

Practicality Above All: The Additional Functions

Understanding the needs of the modern adventurer, the BN0196-01L comes with a date display and a 3-hand movement. Sailing across the ocean or navigating the hustle and bustle of urban life, it provides the simple, practical features you need to manage your day effectively.

Your Trusty Sailing Companion: BN0196-01L in Performance

Imagine competing in the intense Royal Ocean Racing Caribbean, sailing nonstop through the night in inclement weather. Such an adventure requires not just strength and skill, but also the right gear. That’s where our Citizen Promaster Dive features prominently. The waterproofing of the Promaster Dive is put to the ultimate test in such conditions. But fear not, this rugged timepiece, with its ISO compliant and 200-meter certified water resistance, laughs in the face of heavy rain or water submersion. When sailing continuously for over three days, timing becomes crucial. Timing the race countdown, elapsed time, proper preparation for shifts, meal rehydration, and marking time for sail trim checks – these are all tasks easily tracked with the BN0196-01L, even when battling exhaustion. With the Citizen’s caliber E168 Eco-Drive movement, accuracy is never compromised. The watch’s ability to maintain perfect time, even during prolonged exposure to intense Caribbean sunshine, is an ode to its reliability and precision. The BN0196-01L also elevates the seemingly mundane task of meal preparation. Timing your freeze-dried meals’ rehydration with the watch ensures you don’t dig into a watery meal. The luminous hands and markers ensure legibility, even in the dead of night, allowing you a few more precious minutes of sleep.

A Partner for Adventure: Take the Plunge With the BN0196-01L

The Citizen Promaster Dive BN0196-01L is not just a watch; it’s a reliable partner. Its rugged construction, coupled with the practical functionality, makes it an indispensable tool for any adventure. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, this watch is a tribute to those who defy limitations and embrace the thrill of exploration. Why just exist, when you can live? The world is an extraordinary place, waiting for you to discover its secrets. So, strap on the BN0196-01L and let it guide you through your next adventure. After all, with the right gear, even the sky isn’t the limit.


  • UPC: 013205157400
  • case color: Blue
  • case material: Stainless Steel
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Blue
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog
  • case size (width): 45mm
  • strap material: Polyurethane
  • strap color: Black
  • water resistance: 200m / 20atm (bar)

The Brand

CITIZEN released its first-ever watch, a mechanical pocket watch, in 1924.  They were also the first to create quartz crystal and unveiled the CRYSTRON SOLAR CELL in 1976. This was the world’s first commercial light-powered analogue quartz watch that was the foundation for Citizen’s iconic Eco-Drive technology.  Citizen’s diverse portfolio of watches is accessibly priced and ranges from professional-grade, sport-inspired designs with advanced functions to sophisticated, timeless silhouettes that are beautiful as well as collectible.


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