Casio Casio G-Shock GBX-100TT-8 G-Lide Gray Digital Resin Watch


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A Harmonious Fusion of Yesterday’s Allure and Today’s Technology: Resin-clad, Water-resistant, and Smartphone-linked.

About The Product

Reviving the Spirit of Time: The Casio G-LIDE GBX-100TT

Borrowing pages from yesteryears and surfing towards the horizons of the now, the Casio G-LIDE GBX-100TT invites you to straddle the time continuum in inimitable style. With a style narrative that oscillates between the multihued palette of contemporary surf culture and the classic monochrome allure of the bygone era, our creation truly embodies a past-meets-present ethos.

Riding the Technological Wave

Capturing the spirit of over 3,300 surf spots across the globe in a compact frame, we provide the modern horologist with real-time tide patterns and daylight conditions, regardless of where they are. The generously-sized watch face, with its high-resolution Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD, ensures crystal-clear readings of tide graphs, moon age, high/low tide times and levels, sunrise/sunset times, and much more. This isn’t just a watch – it’s a veritable breviary on your wrist.

Engineered for Perfection

Our watch boasts a case size of 50.9 x 46 x 14.7 mm and weighs a mere 66 g, striking a perfect balance between robustness and wearability. The case and bezel material, made of a fusion of resin and stainless steel, is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability. The 200-meter water-resistance ensures you heartily embrace your aquatic adventures sans worries. Our power supply is crafted for the long haul with an approximate battery life of two years on CR2032. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a casual stroller, the GBX-100TT’s training function, providing a display of distance, speed, pace, and other calculated values, will keep your fitness regimen in check. All this, and more, linked seamlessly to your smartphone.

Other Noteworthy Features

The mineral glass surface treatment, coupled with a gray ion-plated bezel, provides a touch of sophistication to the watch. With world time across 38 zones, moon data, tide graph, sunrise/sunset display, stopwatch, and timer, this watch offers more than a glimpse into the future of watchmaking. The LED backlight (Super Illuminator) with selectable illumination duration ensures you never lose track of time, even in low light conditions. And when the day is done, the watch goes into power-saving mode to conserve energy.

Fine Craftsmanship Meets Vintage Aesthetic

The GBX-100TT watch from the G-LIDE collection is a stylish nod to vintage surfing times, with a colorway inspired by monochromatic photography. With life log data, flight mode, mute feature, and a full auto-calendar (to the year 2099), the watch is as versatile as it is stylish. And because it’s a G-Shock, you can count on it to withstand the test of time.

Join the Wave

So, why watch the waves when you can ride them? Equip yourself with a timepiece that’s not just a style statement, but a testament to our commitment to technological innovation and vintage aesthetics. The Casio G-LIDE GBX-100TT isn’t just a watch – it’s a unique blend of tradition, technology, and timeless appeal. Embrace the spirit of surfing past and present with a wrist companion that’s as dynamic and daring as you are.


  • case color: Gray
  • case material: Resin
  • case shape: Square
  • color: Black
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Digital
  • case size (width): 46mm
  • strap material: Resin
  • strap color: Gray
  • water resistance: 200m / 20atm (bar)

The Brand

Casio was founded in 1946 by Akio Morita, the son of Sony’s founder Masaru Ibuka. Casio made the first all-electric digital calculator, which was a technological breakthrough at the time. It also innovated with digital cameras as early as the 1980s, and developed affordable electronic keyboards for musicians. Today, Casio is also a global leader in the manufacture of affordable digital watches.


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