G-Shock Casio G-Shock GA700RC-1A Black Analog-Digital Watch


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A Symphony of Strength and Style: The Unyielding Dance of Rusted Iron, Amber Display, and Resilient Design Commands Time Itself.

About The Product

Unleashing the G-Shock GA700RC-1A: Embrace the Indestructible Elegance

Rust and Resilience: The Ultimate Symbiosis

A Visual Odyssey in Rusted Iron

Assembled with an audacious visual appeal that provokes admiration, the G-Shock GA700RC-1A is more than just a timepiece; it’s a narrative of resilient beauty. Its matte black finish, adorned with a rust-inspired design, pays homage to the unparalleled strength of iron withstood by the tides of time, presenting a defiant stance against the elements. It’s an artifact of time, mirroring the beauty of an indomitable spirit, woven into the fabric of your style narrative.

Every Tick Enunciates Strength

Inside this fortress of resilience, we find the heart of the watch the quartz movement, the relentless pulse of its character. Undeterred by forces that would shatter lesser creations, this watch keeps accurate time through every toss, every turn, and every tumble. The watch’s 200M water resistance and shock-resistant design further underscore the unyielding commitment to durability that the G-Shock series is renowned for. But make no mistake, within this robust exterior lies a functionality that’s just as meticulous.

The Dial: Not Just a Face

The GA700RC-1A isn’t merely a façade of rugged elegance; its dial brims with practicality. The Super Illuminator LED light renders darkness irrelevant, allowing you to track your time in the dimmest of locales. The three-dimensional dial design with hands and hour markers adds a touch of depth, creating a visually immersive experience.

The GA700RC-1A: More than a Timepiece

This watch isn’t just an instrument for telling the time; it’s a lifestyle companion. Whether you’re timing your morning run or counting down the minutes to your next adventure, the countdown timer, alarm, world time features elevate the GA700RC-1A from a mere timekeeper to an indispensable partner. Coupled with a sturdy resin band that embraces your wrist with firm elegance, this watch truly epitomizes ‘form meets function’.

An Ode to Indomitable Design

With a case size diameter of 53.4mm, the GA700RC-1A is not just a statement, it’s a declaration. Its sizeable profile emanates a bold demeanor that transcends trends, favoring those who appreciate enduring elegance over passing fashion. The amber display color and rust red accents render this piece a work of art, where style and strength dance in perfect harmony.

Embrace the Legacy of the Rusted Iron

The GA700RC-1A is not a mere watch; it’s a testament to G-Shock’s enduring legacy of tough yet stylish watches. Infused with the character of ‘rusted iron’, this timepiece is a tribute to the fearless, the bold, the ones who embrace life with all its ups and downs. If you have a penchant for the rugged and the refined, the elegant and the enduring, then the GA700RC-1A is your ideal companion.

Ready to Make Time Stand Still?

The G-Shock GA700RC-1A: It’s more than a watch; it’s a statement. A statement that time isn’t just to be kept; it’s to be commanded. So, are you ready to seize the day, to command time itself?


  • UPC: 889232350400
  • case color: Black
  • case material: Resin
  • case shape: Round
  • color: Brown
  • gender: Men
  • movement: Analog-Digital
  • case size (width): 53.4mm
  • strap material: Resin
  • strap color: Black
  • water resistance: 200m / 20atm (bar)

The Brand

G-Shock, short for Gravitational Shock, first launched in 1983 after Casio engineer, Kikuo Ibe conceptualized a watch that could have a battery life of 10 years, be water resistance up to 100 meters, and survive a 10 meters drop.  Originally intended as a high-priced specialty item, G-Shocks are now considered to highly regarded collector-worthy timepieces. 


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