At REV we recognize the importance of the engine underneath the design—the unseen driving force that produces the excellent performance. That’s why our focus is on creating quality watches from the inside out. Every detail within our timepieces is made with the upmost care and craftsmanship.  And to ensure we deliver on this promise of quality, we have taken a step very few watchmakers can claim: we have integrated the design and production processes in-house. So you can be sure that your timepiece was given extraordinary care from start to finish—from design to production.


We firmly believe in integrating modern production technology into the design process. The latest computerized design tools are used to digitize initial ideas and sketches—even as the designers work closely with the engineers, who actually build the watches, to ensure the best balance between form and function. The advantage that these technologies provide is the development of very precise and buildable “blueprints” from our initial design.

The end result is a watch whose every component is carefully planned and positioned: the case, dial and hands, wristband, bezel, crown, and all other components. The position, color, and finish of these components are all harmonized so that the feel of each component—from the edges of the case to the way the wristband and its buckle connect—all come together to produce the watch that we envisioned. Nothing about a REV watch is arbitrary or left to chance.


Before our final design goes into production, we use the latest prototyping technologies to build a very accurate representation of the watch. We use this prototype to feel and understand the mood of the watch and how it will actually physically feel on the wrist.

Every component of the watch, such as its case and crown, starts out as a simple block that is then formed into the component on CNC lathes and milling machines. This computerized process allows for variances that do not exceed 0.02 – 0.03mm, an incredible degree of accuracy. After being formed, each part is then individually hand-finished. The watch, mechanical or quartz, is then carefully assembled by hand—from the mounting of the dials and hands to the casing of the completed timepiece.

Every watch is tested for functionality and inspected for quality. And every watch that leaves our facilities is without a doubt of the highest quality. We are proud of the level of excellence that we achieve.

REV. Genuine craftsmanship that performs.